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Science Fiction and Ethics
Interdisciplinary Violence Studies
Righteous Nation Ideology in Science Fiction and Climate Justice Today
Societal Progress, Anti-Capitalism, and the Vision for a Culture of Emancipatory Human Rights
Notes on Space and Place, Feminist Geography, and Related Texts
Trauma and Post-Modern Subtext in Star Trek
Towards a Revisioning of the Courts: A Short Theory
Solarpunk and the Vestiges of the Ascetic
Narrative Obtrusion and Difference in the Deep Space Nine episode “In the Pale Moonlight” and Enterprise’s “Damage”
The United Traits of Bajoran and Cardassian Resistance

‘A cat at pranks’: Christopher Smart’s Protectorate

Langston Hughes’ Bebop and Postwar Harlem

Vyry’s Song: Remembering as an Uncontested Place

Exercising Memory as Narrative Technique in Toni Morrison’s Beloved

Kevin as a Postmodern Literary Captive in Octavia Butler’s Kindred

Disentangling “Mammy”: Negating Identity in Kindred, Dessa Rose, and Family

Examination of Martyrology in the Protestant and Catholic Reformations

Expressions of African American Feminisms in Jazz

Folk Aesthetics and the Spirituals in Southern Road

When de Saints: African American Historicity and the Pursuit of Justice  (Notes and rough drafts)

Poems, Poetry, Poetics

Attraction to Light: Light as Communication and Imagined Evolution

On Time Travel, the Subconscious Signature, and Market Capitalism

Cylon Number Six as Savior of the Twelve Colonies

First Contact and the Theory of Monetized Empathy

First Contact with a Species More Prideful Than Our Own

Militaristic First Contact with a Telepathic Species While We Are Still Under a Cheroot Democracy

Masculinarity as a Possible Universal Trait

The Possibility of a Ferengi Future

First Contact: Will They or Won’t They Commingle Science and Ontology?

Rights and Responsibilities: Addressing Love and Violence in a Post-Capitalist World

Capitalism and Violence-Customs